Buy the pan

Each pan feeds 50 guest

Signature appetizers

Chef choice signature entrees


( $30 each add )

All buy the pan Menu items are served in aluminum foil pants with reheating instructions if necessary or plastic tray with plastic clear Dome lid we suggest you Heat these items and place them on dishes of your choosing for best effect cutlery, napkins and plates are not included all pan portions are enough to feed 20 people each you must order and pay one week in advance check availability delivery fee may apply 18% gratuity

Action station

Action stations are perfect for events where people are moving around talking to each other and enjoying appetizers. All action stations require wait staff. All action stations are at market price. Action stations are only available as an enhancement to a buffet.

Beautiful display tables

Display tables are the ultimate edition to a party. You can have a display table presented before or after the main event to serve as an appetizer table or a afterglow. Display tables are at at market price.

$35 per person

menu wait staff and chef included complementary bread water juice and coffee minimum of 30 guests

appetizers choose 2

(add appetizers 2.50 per person)

dinner choose 2

(add entree $8 per person)

Side dishes choose 3 (additional side $3 pre preson)

Golden Yukon potatoes, Baked potato casserole, green beans, California mixed vegetables, Rice pilaf, Mac and cheese, red skin garlic potatoes, French toast casserole, Biscuits and gravy, cajon rice, Butter pasta, Angel hair marinara

Desserts choose 1 (additional desserts $3 pre person)

Brookie, yellow cake, chocolate cake, Carrot cake

$74 Menu Buffet

includes chef and wait staff complementary bread water juice and coffee minimum 40 guest

Deluxe Appetizers Chooes 3

( add app 8$)

Salads choose two

(add salad $5 pre preson)

Desserts choose 1

(add desserts $5 pre preson)

Chef's favorite entrees

(add entrees $17 per person)

Side dishes

(add side $5 pre person)
Maybe subject to 18% Gratuity + 6% sales tax buffets do not include plates cups forks knives napkins although those items may be provided at market price


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