How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower and Have a Cheese Tasting

What is the definition of a virtual baby shower?
A virtual baby shower is similar to an in-person baby shower, only it takes place online. It includes interactive activities, baby predictions, and gifts, exactly like a typical baby shower, except it takes place in the privacy of our and our guests’ homes. While this may appear to be a straightforward task, the idea of all my visitors staring at me through the internet, asking the same questions (When are you due? I didn’t want to suffer the dreaded awkward moment (Can we see the bump?) and the dreaded awkward quiet. Instead, Philip and I decided to make our virtual baby shower into a virtual cheese tasting baby shower, complete with all of the usual activities, entertainment, and baby predictions.
How to arrange a cheese tasting online
Cheese selection for the taste
Choosing your cheese is the first step in holding a virtual cheese tasting. Go to your local cheese store and ask the monger for assistance in selecting cheeses that meet your budget as well as suggestions for mixing them with certain beverages. While you want to choose cheeses that you enjoy, keep your guests in mind by choosing moderate flavors and textures that will appeal to everyone at your gathering. For a bit more punch, we chose soft brie-style cheese, a medium cheese with fruit or wine flavors, and hard and sharp cheese.
Shopping locally was essential to us, and being in Ontario means we have access to a fantastic assortment of cheese created right here in the province. The cheeses we chose with the aid of Philip’s brother, Jeremy Lago of The Pantry Fine Cheese in Toronto, were not only manufactured in Ontario, but also of world-class quality and flavor. Furthermore, if you know us, you know how much we like a nice cheeseboard.
cheese and wine pairing
After you’ve chosen your cheese, it’s time to select your drinks. Wine is the most straightforward cheese match, and since wine goes well with almost all cheeses, it’s a safe pick. If you don’t have access to a cheesemonger in your area, check out Ontario Dairy’s website for cheese matching ideas. Our shower’s guest list included both couples and families, and we wanted to provide an event that people of all ages could enjoy. We included a wine, beer, and non-alcoholic apple cider match in our sampling boxes.