How to Bring the Out-of-Door Dining Experience Inside

Bringing the dining-out experience into your home may turn a routine meal into a memorable one. Here are some easy methods to make at-home dining seem like it’s in a restaurant.
Assume you’re about to enter your favorite restaurant. You’ve made a reservation, and you’ve chosen a certain time to begin your adventure. When the host or hostess acknowledges your arrival, they make a note of it, say something along those lines, and whisk you away to your table. You observe how it’s been set up: dishware, cutlery on a cloth napkin, a water glass, a wine glass, a flower, and a lighted candle to greet you. You are the guest of honor tonight.
Whether it’s a casual dinner, romantic night, or ordering takeout, Philip and I constantly try to recreate the eating out experience at home. Here are our tips for creating a restaurant-like experience while dining in at home, using a few easy tactics and extra touches that convert our regular table into an amazing time.
Make a menu choice
There’s nothing quite like turning cooking into an adventure. However, there are some times when ordering takeout is completely acceptable, whether it’s because you’ve arrived home late from work or because you’re celebrating with your family over a special dinner. Choosing a cuisine we don’t regularly prepare at home or one where you leave the cooking to the professionals, such as sushi night in, is a good way to make the decision easier. That way, the dish feels unique and exclusive, and you won’t feel bad about ordering it when you could have cooked it yourself. We’ve been earning 5x points on qualified meals and beverages since becoming American Express Cobalt Cardmembers, whether we order in, go grocery shopping, or eat out. This means we’ll earn points faster, which we’ll be able to spend on even more delectable foods!
create an atmosphere
Consider all of the small details that make a meal at your favorite restaurant seem memorable. The table is anchored with flowers or a dainty vase. The candle sways, casting whimsical shadows and providing a soft glow. The music, which is not too loud, hums in the background, inviting people to converse. These subtleties in the dining experience may elevate a meal to a memorable one.
Make the same effort at home. Color the table with flowers or foliage, light a few candles (unscented so your palate isn’t confused), and create the ambience you enjoy while dining out. Turn off the TV and listen to your favorite music, whether it’s a calming playlist or the soulful tones of your favorite vinyl record. Flowers, candles, and music contribute to the character or ambience of the room, as well as the start of a fantastic night of eating in. Also, keep in mind that these transactions can help you earn Amex Cobalt Card points!
create an atmosphere
Isn’t it why the host or hostess constantly mentions just this manner that the table is the basis for a superb supper ahead? Lay down a tablecloth, add place settings such as a cloth napkin, plates, and silverware, and arrange your plated meal on the table to encourage the same appreciation at home. For a truly eating out experience in your home, add finishing touches like roses, candles, and a water pitcher. Good luck with your meal.
take use of the advantages
We all know the advantages of unplugging to spend meaningful time with family and friends over a meal, as well as the benefits of sharing talks around the table. Dining in means disconnecting from technology as well as the bustling buzz of restaurants, the pressure to complete quickly so that another party may seat, and the absence of leisurely eating and presence experienced exclusively at home. What’s the best part? With the American Express Cobalt Card, you can still earn benefits by doing what you already enjoy – spending time with your family and creating a dining out experience – all from the comfort of your own home.